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Journey to my heart….

Sometimes one stands at the sea shore , and the ripples just seem part of the water moving, but the power of the waves builds and comes with momentum and then they break.

Then there is rippling from those waves that continue for quite some time. Then the water stills, but in time, there is another big wave , and then ripples and waves and ripples.

This is how everyone’s life journey is.
I am grateful to the people who stand in the water(life) with me and bear the weight of waves and understand the ripples.


“It's a great feeling to be lost, but not quite, and to feel you are being led down mysterious Paths.”
When walking with my dogs-Spike and Rollo (pugs) , I just allow my spirit to set the pace.

Talking to the old gnarled tree trunks help release my moments of stress, anxiety, sadness or confusion.The absence of human noise forces one to listen and observe the sounds of birds and insects, the filtering sunlight and the shadows that surround you. I often collect interesting fallen barks or stones that have seen better times and these somehow find their way into my work.


I love the sky.
I love the mystery of the sky and the surprises that it showcases.
I love the drama and the storms
I love the boldness, the serenity.
I love the sunrise and the sunset.
The subtle changes have a way of mesmerising and inspiring me to explore the different moods of the sky. Magic!

The marshmallow sky, the afterglow, the autumnal sunset..